Friday, September 12, 2008

Dr. Tallon Strikes Again!

GENTLEMEN! I HAVE CREATED....A THIN FORWARD LINE, WITH NO EXPERIENCE! Dale Tallon, or maybe the people telling Tallon what to do, like shiny things. They like expensive things. But they don't think of the consequences of buying these things on the rest of the budget. I used to blow all my money on drugs, and then couldn't afford the cookies and pizzas those drugs necessitated I would need later. This is where Tallon has left us, at least at the moment. Because of his splash on the Huet signing, without a plan as how to move the other goalie out, our biggest weakness, a forward line lacking depth and experience, just got weaker.

I only hope there's another deal in the works, and will reserve final judgement until then. But the preliminary scores are not encouraging. We have, at the moment, a disgruntled goalie who will make a nuisance of himself, and four top-6 forwards with 1 YEAR OR LESS experience. Add to that we have less than 1M of cap room, and the flexibility to fix this would appear to be at the bar with the tooth fairy and Santa Claus. I'm getting itchy all over.

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