Thursday, September 25, 2008

Season Preview: Cameron Barker

(Doesn't this look like the picture of someone who just got caught jerking off?)

I'd like to start by saying I always find it funny that the national sites, or someone outside of Chicago, calls him Cameron Barker. That's not a hockey name. Thankfully, we don't do that here.
Where to start with Cam? Cam is the girl you're hooking up with and will slide her head down your torso only to stop, smile at you, and then come back up. Repeatedly. He has teased us with the flashes of the D-man we've always hoped he'd be. He'll show a mean-streak once a month, and flatten everything in site. He'll blast a shot into the top corner from an impossible angle. He'll zing a cross-ice pass right onto the tape. And then he'll do nothing. For games. Sometimes weeks. We've seen the non-chalant attitude. The absence of a physical presence. Well, Cam, this season, it's time to get your lips around it or we're just going to kick you out of bed and masturbate in the bathroom.
To be fair to Cameron, the 2nd half of last season he was pretty good. Or at least not consistently bad. Frankly, it's debatable partnering him with 51 Phantom is a good idea, which seems to be the way Toe Savard is leaning. Campbell's game is to get up the ice, join the attack, all the time. This will leave Barks as the stay-at-home cover guy, and he's not suited for that. He should be the one shotgunning up the ice, to use his big shot and soft hands. But we'll settle for him QB-ing the second power-play unit well, and not looking like he doesn't care half the time.

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