Friday, September 26, 2008

Season Preview: James Wisniewski

So what if he'll be out until December? Any excuse we can get to post what very well may have been the highlight of last season, we're going to take:

Pounding Jordan Fuckyoo on one leg is something Hawks fans will be talking about for years. But Wiz is so much more than that, and upon his return the Hawks will have a blue-line corps that most other teams are going to envy. Wiz took significant steps forward last season, almost cracking 30 points while missing 15 games and being, at best, the 4th d-man. This season, he will most certainly find himself on the 3rd pairing. He was also a +12, and provided some toughness that the Hawks so sorely lack. We'll miss his shot from the point, but if paired with Sopel, which looks likely, he'll have more than enough chances to showcase it with Catfish covering. Probably won't get any PP time, so maybe his output won't be the same. But he's also solid, if not better, in his own end, and of course, he's going to beat someone's face in. Get well soon, Wiz.

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