Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Quick Links.. hockey is coming..

So there will be a preview of the next Blackhawk up later today (hopefully) but in the meantime I thought it's worth mentioning that the Hawks have made some news around the internet today.. and it's all about season ticket sales.

I saw this first over at Kukla's Korner and now Mirtle has also just written about it. I don't think it'll come as a surprise to anyone around here, but the Hawks set a record with season ticket sales. Latest numbers have it around 13,425 from 3,400. The thing I find most shocking about this is that 3,400 people actually still had season tickets.. they deserve their own statue outside the UC.

Kukla's mentions that it "marks one of the biggest one-year turnarounds in sports ticket sales history for a team that did not qualify for the postseason." I'd be curious to see what some of the other jumps were...

Also mentioned lately, the game tonight is almost sold-out... wow. Lines for tonight's game have been posted on the official site. Toews is out but the Sharp-Kontiola-Kane line is one to watch for along with Barker and Campbell playing on the blueline. I'll be at the game tonight but if the training camp pictures are any indication, any pictures I take will fucking suck. I need a new damn camera.

oh, and another bit of self promotion - Here Come The Hawks was listed as a "blog to watch" on Fanhouse's preview of the Hawks - thanks to the writer Brian for that

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