Friday, November 14, 2008


So our time here at this site has come to an end...

Because Sam and I are joining up with SportsBlog Nation and will be posting from now on over at Second City Hockey.  

This site will now fade into bolivian along with countless other blogs throughout these internets

There's a ton of cool features that Sam and I will be learning how to use but it should really make this new site way better than anything we could have done here.  The hockey blogging god that is James Mirtle is putting together a great community of hockey blogs over there and we're honored to join up with him.

I hope you will all come over and join us at Second City Hockey along with all the other great blogs on that site.

Go Hawks


Anonymous said...

keep posting issues of the committed indian over there! pretty please!

Mike said...

My name is Mike and I run I am just curious if you would like to swap links.

Let me know in a quick comment on my site or email me: nhlsnipers at gmail.

If so, send me the link you want listed.