Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Chicago in the news

What a great night in Chicago last night - I don't want to bring politics to the site or to sports (more than I have the last few days) but I was lucky enough to attend the rally in Grant Park last night and haven't stopped smiling yet. Regardless of your political beliefs I hope you can join me in saying it was a special night for America.


Now back to what we all love - hockey.

Registration for all us poor non-season ticket holders officially opened today. On the official site you have until 10:59 a.m. CT on the 28th to register. You'll find out if you're one of Rocky's chosen few by Dec. 8th - which automatically makes Rocky better than Santa Claus in our eyes.

If you are chosen, you'll only have the option of buying up to 2 tickets - So there goes the idea of getting all your friends together, unless you all get really lucky. Good luck all.

Finally, I'm sure we've all made jokes about how being a Hawks fan is going to be the death of us someday.. but jesus chirst..

My heart and thoughts go out to the Kuhlman family... but, what does "the state of California's Midwest office" actually do?

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