Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Only Good Thing To Come From Boston Was The Cars. Everyone Knows This: Bruins at Hawks Preview

An actual Original 6 match-up this evening, though that may not mean all that much any more. But it does to me, and to others, I think. Especially when the Bruins or Canadiens are the opponent, because we've never seen them that much and hardly at all these days. Still pretty sexy.

When the Hawks look at the opposing bench tonight, they will see a team that's in just of a blistering form as they are. The B's have won 6 of 7, and are hot on the heels of their long time-nemesis, Les Habitants. The Bruins have been stingy as a Scotsman, allowing only 17 even-strength goals all season, and are 3rd in the league in Goals Against per Game. Head Coach Claude Julien is cut from the New Jersey cloth, so the Bruins are suffocating all over the ice. They aren't all that exciting, but it is effective.

Boston is also equipped with strength down the middle that we can only envy. Savard, who's become a complete player while no one was looking, mans the #1 slot. A now healthy, and we assume non-dizzy. Patrice Bergeron slots behind him. It's hard not to root for Bergeron. He was a complete player about ready to make his stamp on the league before he was assaulted by Randy Jones of the Flyers. Bruins fans will tell you he's not all the way back, but the things he's lacking--timing, feel--will come with more games under his belt. We hope he gets there. The third center is David Krejci, who's having a breakout season.

The wonderous passing display the Hawks put on Sunday will have to be in evidence again tonight. The B's are designed to strangle space, fight for loose pucks, and win board battles. They do it well too. The Hawks may catch a break as Boston plays Montreal tomorrow night, so they may not catch Tim Thomas, whose play has been so good it could be described as defying the lord.

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