Monday, November 10, 2008

Coming from Western Canada? That's a paddling: Hawks 6, Flames 1

That's the only way to describe last night's Hawk victory. Though it was reported by TSN that the Flames have a case of the flu in their ranks, you can only play who's on the ice opposite you that night. I am trying to remember a night when the Hawks' passing was as crisp as it was last night. I haven't come up with anything yet. But I'll let you know. Certainly in the post-lockout era, that's as good as it's been. Seems a great way to counter a team that wants to bang and grind, like the Flames do. It also utilized the Hawks speed, which few teams can handle. For anyone who questioned the Coach Q hiring, last night was a prime example of why you should have worried. With 5 days off, the fear of coming out sluggish was not insigificant. Instead, they came out playing their prettiest hockey. Where Hawks teams before have let leads slip in the 3rd, 3 of the past 4 have seen the Hawks step on throats. Even the 4th line was contributing.

A mention of the Hawks special teams must be made. They have been, well, groin-grabbingly good lately. The Flames barely generated a chance on a 4-minute kill in the 1st, which very well may have been the game last night. The PP, while throwing in a clunker here and there, then looks lethal the rest of the opportunities. Bodies and pucks move, and there seem to be plenty of open shots. The Hawks also have options. If you take away down low, Barker, 51 Phantom, Seabrook, and Bufyglien will bomb from the points. If you try and stop that, Kane, Toews, Versteeg, and Havlat will make a play down low. Pick your poison.

Our 3 stars:
1. Havlat
2. Kane
3. Versteeg

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