Monday, November 3, 2008

Q's old team: Take 2

So we all know that when Q faced one of his former teams with the Hawks, things didn't go as well as we had hoped. Once again tonight though, he faces off against a team he used to coach, only this time - he coached these guys less than a year ago. Q didn't officially leave the Av's til early May of this year after they announced they wouldn't extend his contract. He hadn't coached the Blues since '03, when they were a totally different team. How much does Q know about the Av's still? I guess we'll see.. but there's no questioning he now has a better feel for the Hawks now that he's got a few more games under his belt with them.

This year the Av's started off pretty lame with three straight losses, started to heat up with 5 wins in a row but now have 3 more losses in a row. Lets hope they don't keep up a 5-3, 5-3 pattern... The big problem them so far has been their goalies. Budaj is 28th overall in GAA at 3.13 and 34th in save % at .882. (Which blows for me since I have him as a goalie in an incredibly deep fantasy league, I know.. I know.. you don't fucking care - sorry)

Even worse news for the Av's is that Budaj probably isn't starting tonight - Raycroft (3.75, .839) is likely to take the ice since they Av's played just last night against the Sharks.

Khabby is starting in net tonight for the Hawks after playing well in Friday's game. The Hawks will look to keep up their special teams units and hopefully Toews can remember the moves from last year's highlight goal and finally break his scoreless streak. The Hawks were 3-1-0 against the Av's last year even though they dropped their final preseason game to them in OT. They've played well at home and I don't see that stopping tonight.

Also, remember to pick your copy of The Committed Indian before the game tonight - tonight is the first night it's going on sale and Sam will be out there before the game. Say hello to him and pay your measly $3 for it..

Go Hawks

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