Thursday, August 14, 2008

Another New Idea from the Hawks

As if the convention wasn't enough, the Hawks announced they are opening the first day of Training Camp open to the public for the first "Chicago Blackhawks Training Camp Festival". The festival includes the opportunity to watch the year's first practice on the United Center Ice, a 5K race (what?), a 3-on-3 street hockey tournament and I'm sure a bunch of other activities. I think the 5K is a hilarious idea - and if I hadn't almost killed myself last night after running for the first time in months I might even sign up.

Not to sound like I'm just drinking the kool-aid the front office is selling everyone - but this sounds like another really great idea. The prospects camp, which is free every year, is a great way to get a hockey fix in summer - this sounds like another chance to get excited before pre-season games even start.

The hockey tournament is shoes only, no rollerblades. I'm guessing that has more to do with insurance..

tickets are only $5 - which is nice since preseason games are priced the same as regular season and mostly a waste of time.

Perhaps the only down side is that the players will be wearing their ugly practice sweaters...

Do any other teams do this? Do they maybe do it for free? I don't know...

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