Monday, August 25, 2008

Where's Jack Ruby When You Need Him?

This is how you know that despite some strides, Chicago is far from a hockey town. Late to the party on this one, but it took me that long to recover from the sight of this scumbag parading around the trophy he hardly had anything to do with winning. Did he even dress during the finals? If there were even a decent number of true hockey fans in the building, Chelios would have been booed vehemently, if not had 7 dollar beers chucked at him. Would you allow Brett Favre to parade around the Lombardi Trophy? Of course not, because he would have thrown a season killing INT before his team ever gets to the Super Bowl, but you take my point. If the Cubs go on to win the Series, Jim Edmonds isn't going to parade into Busch Stadium with the World Series Trophy.
I don't care that he's from here. Chelios is a Judas. A Traitor. He was an overrated captain here in Chicago, who always took selfish, dumb penalties when we least needed them. Get bent, Chelli.


Ken said...

What's the difference between Chelios and his bar?
The shots at his bar weren't cheap.

Go away, Chelidouche.

Forklift said...

yeah, and fuck Brixen Ivy too.