Monday, August 4, 2008

On Goalies... has an article about Huet "relishing" the opportunity to come and compete for the starting job here in Chicago.

It's basically a bunch of bullshit but here's the one interesting piece. Tallon has still not talked with Khabby yet since signing Huet. Tallon says, "he's in Belarus, and it's hard to get a hold him there".

You're paying a guy $6.7 million and he can't afford a phone?

It seems to me that Khabby would be the kind of guy that would get pretty pissy about the whole situation and sulk for a while. Even if he is part of training camp I can't imagine he'd be fully in it. He's gotta want out just as bad as we all want him out...

Khabby to his agent: "Trade me right fucking now!"... then hang up

There's also this...

While it’s rare for a team that already has a No. 1 goalie under contract
to make such a bold offer to another clear-cut No. 1 goalie on the free-agent
market, it’s also rare for the free agent to sign knowing playing time was not
part of the guarantee.

Huet is apparently a different breed

So I guess NHL writers are paid just to agree with whatever the GMs say.

It seems obvious to anyone that a player like Huet wouldn't be coming to Chicago unless he's promised the #1 job. Granted he could easily beat out Khabby for the starting job anyway...

Check the official site if you want to hear Tallon make a joke that only he thinks is funny and a bunch of reporters who are obviously very sick of the Hawks having a press conference every fucking week..

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