Thursday, August 21, 2008

Free shit, Fight the Pens

April 1st will be Glen Hall night... Nov. 12th is the Magnuson/Pilote number retirement ceremony and Fri. Jan 16th is Patrick Sharp bobblehead night.

John McDonough is showing more of his marketing side offering a lot more give aways than last year, or at least different types of things. Instead of the normal cheap crap with a hawks logo pasted on it seems the Hawks will be giving different cheap crap with the hawks logo.

The Hawks also were probably the first hockey team to annouce that Fri, Oct. 31st is Halloween.

I won't be getting any of this crap because just about every game with a giveaway isn't included in my partial ticket plan. They don't have the dates for the other 21-game plan up anymore since it's sold out so I can't check if I just got unlucky or if McDonough chose to be a prick and is going to force me to buy two more tickets for the Hall/Pilote/Magnuson games on purpose. Not that I really need a Patrick Kane figurine in my apartment anyway.

The Blackhawks are fighting it out with the Penguins again, this time over at Icethetics. Right now the vote is showing that more people like the Pens center ice design than the Hawks.

Fuck that. Go vote for the Hawks - and do it the Chicago way, early and often. No one needs another '92...

I wonder if the Blackhawks would be pissed if I just stole this image from them.. probably..

Training Camp starts in less than 4 weeks... go hawks

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Forklift said...

McDonough does love his bobbleheads - the Cubs are good for 3-4 a year.

I like the image, can't see why the Hawks would have a beef with it.