Tuesday, October 28, 2008

3's are wild

Hawks are back to a perfect .500 now, 3-3-3.

Sharp and Keith continue to be the all-stars of this team as both played solid games and scored the two goals for the Hawks. The fourth line continues to play well - hitting hard and not committing too many mistakes... Hell even Havlat is playing pretty well.

But there's still way to many fuck ups to really compete in the league, especially in the tougher Western Conference. Campbell's guarenteed spin-o-rama move came in the 2nd period and while of course it looks fun when it's done right it looks pathetic when you get knocked over trying it and the other teams scores on the turnover. Quit the cute moves and just play.

Toews continues to be snakebit.. He's playing pretty solid, even though his -2 last night doesn't really look great, he's making good moves and taking plenty of shots but just can't finish anything.

It was good to see the Hawks shooting more last night, although I'd have taken less shots overall if they had just been better quality. No one is just crashing the net and screening the goalie - and a player like Backstrom isn't going to give you anything cheap.

The Hawks looked tired out there tonight - there's 3 days of rest before the Stars come to the UC. Lets hope it helps.

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