Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Season Preview: Kris Versteeg

Unfortunately, this is how I see us picking up Versteeg after the middle of the season. God love this kid. He plays a game we'd like to see more Hawks play. He's physical, he's tough, he's unafraid of contact. He lives in the corners, goes to the net, all of it. Problem is at his size, he's a car accident waiting to happen. There is just no way he can play this style a whole season and not be intimately familiar with the Hawks' doctors.

There was a time when the Bruins thought pretty highly of this kid. And he's all we have to show for suffering through Tyler Arnason. (Six degrees of Brandon Bochenski, it's fun to play.) He first season in the AHL, split between Providence and Norfolk, he was over a point a game. He's had a great preseason, and certainly earned his spot on the 3rd line, where he'll start. He seems to have a nose for the net, and frankly we could use all the noses we can get. So let's all pray for Kris, as he's sure to win over Hawk fans quickly.

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