Saturday, October 25, 2008


One of the best parts of last year was clearly how well the Hawks handed Detroit their asses. The come from behind win in the home opener was some of the most fun I've had at a hockey game.

So lets hope the Hawks can continue, because Detroit somehow got even better than they were last year.

Well.. not somehow.. they got Hossa.. that's how. They took a loaded team and added a ringer.. what a bunch of pricks.

No surprise that the Wings have started they season well and probably won't give up their spot at the top of the division for the year but a win in regulation tonight will put the Hawks only one point behind them. Khabby is starting in net coming off a decent game where the defense played solid for him..

The Wings haven't lost on the road yet.. so they're due right?
The Hawks are 3-0-1 at home.. so there's that

It should be a fun game...


Forklift said...

The Hawks and the Dreaded Two Goal Lead.

Damnit, they HAD this one.

Nick said...

Was that a "lets go red wings" I heard from the crowd?

forklift said...

I actually heard "Let's Go Red Wings" answered with "DETROIT SUCKS"

Had a playoff atmosphere.