Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's Easy When You're All Alone: Hawks 3, Whatever It Was Wearing Oilers Jerseys 0

We discovered tonight that hockey is an incredibly easy game when your opponent doesn't bother to show up. The Hawks were more than grateful, and put this game away about the time Aaron Johnson hit the twine. (Quick note on Johnson: Is he Jordan Hendry 2? He's hardly let anyone down, been very solid.) After that is was a simple task of negotiating not fucking up, and the Hawks did it masterfully, as the Oilers only managed one or two good chances all night. Khabby should have broken out a bong halfway through the 2nd.

Real star tonight was the PK. Not only a shorty, but nullified what had been a red hot Oilers power play into nothing more than a confused board meeting. Oilers couldn't muster any momentum off their man advantage, and thus the Hawks never lost it. The Men of Four Feathers also took it to the Oilers physically all night, and the Oiler D looked slow all night. Hey, I think Ales Hemsky is offsides again.

Get it in the fucking zone already!

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Forklift said...

The Oilers looked craptastic, and I'm not sure how much of that was their own doing, and how much was the Hawks' trap-lite.
I'll tell you what though...if they don't get an enforcer, and quick, teams will start taking liberties very soon.