Tuesday, October 7, 2008

For all those expecting Khabby to be gone tomorrow...

Don't get your hopes up. Niemi, along with Barker and Aaron Johnson were sent to Rockford while Kevyn Adams was released and Lindstrom was claimed off waivers.

That puts the Hawks at the maximum 23 players - 13 forwards, 8 D, 2 goalies.

I doubt anyone really expects Khabby to be staying long but it does make you wonder if a deal they were hoping to get, either with the KHL or NHL, fell through. Once Khabby does go somewhere else (please god let it be soon) I'd expect Niemi to get the call back up and I doubt Barker will go long without getting called up most likely with Hjalmarsson going down. Those two could be going back and forth a lot this year unless one steps up.

I'm surprised to see Fraser beat out Adams.. but what the hell do I know?

It's also good to see Sharp and Kane tied on top of the leaderboards for the preseason for goals and assists, respectively.

Just a few more days now.. The Rangers are 2-0 on the season, but that's against the All-Forward, mostly Penguin rejects of Tampa Bay...

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