Thursday, October 16, 2008

Savard is out??

Word is from ESPN that Savvy has been fired as the head coach.

No word on the official site yet or any Chicago sources..

This seems way too early in the year to have made a move like this unless there's someone else willing right away to take his role. Scotty - what are you planning?

I'm very surprised with this move - only 4 games into the season and after the first win is an odd time to let him go, especially after the relatively good year he had last season.

I'm torn with the news because I like Savard and wanted him to do well, but his constant line changes, poor power play and horrible management with goalies showed he had some very big things to work on. I thought they'd let him work it out longer in the year before making a decision.

Tallon should feel like shit - this is more his fault than anyone elses'.

There's a lot to this story, I hope we hear more soon.

UPDATE: TSN is saying Quenneville is the replacement.

UPDATE: The official website says the same thing. I also just got this image in an email from 670 The Score... odd...

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