Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Game 4: Finally Hawks Win

It feels great to have the team finally get their game going and score their first two points of the year.  As shitty as the first few games have been, it's good to know the hawks are only 1 point out of first place, even if they've had to play an extra game to get there.  

I forgot that I had a class tonight when I told Sam that I'd do the game review but I only missed the first period... so I have nothing to say about it.  From the stats I looked at the game seemed pretty even.. but maybe not.  The Hawks seemed to have figured out how to win faceoffs which is something they needed to focus on.

Early in the Toews takes a penalty for slashing.  30 seconds later Seabrook takes a stupid interference call - Toews looked pissed at him when he gets in the box.  I would have loved to have one of them mic'd up to hear what Toews had to say to him. 

Khabby makes some big saves but just after Toews gets out of the box Mueller gets a nice wrister off and we all had that sinking feeling that things weren't going to change.  Coyotes 1.. Hawks 0.

A huge hit by Johnson near the blue line almost starts a rush but it gets broken up.  Looking back on it though this was the turning point of the game - things started going the right way after this.

Hawks draw a penalty and the stat goes up that the Hawks were 0 for 2 on the power play with only one shot... weak.. nothing would happen with the man advantage but just after Havlat gets the puck from Keith and puts on the best move we've seen from the Hawks all year.  Coming down the left side of the rink fakes the defender to commiting towards going to the boards and cuts inside  Fraser blocks a defender and screens Bryzgalov at the same time which is a sweet play.  Eddie O immediately calls it the "goal of the night"... good call Eddie

On the kill, Toews has a great move to get a break away and fly towards the net but he's pressured from behind and can't get a good shot off.. still he manages to get his rebound and put another shot on but hits post.  

Toews contributes on the penalty kill - Crosby doesn't.  Just a fact.

Somehow, Burish still can't find someone to fight, which is surprising with Carcillo on the other bench.  Probably for the best though since Burish isn't at the same level of Carcillo, though no would should doubt Burish would have gone.

He does get a 2 minute for roughing along with a 10 minute misconduct.  Doesn't matter though when all the penalties are sorted out the Hawks go on the power play. 

Officially they extend their streak of shitty power play stats - Just as the advantage ends though Keith makes a move on the point to open a shooting lane.  Sharp grabs the rebound and lifts it to take the lead for the first time in the game.

Period ends - Hawks go into the third with the lead for the first time this year.

A minute into the third Bolland flys down the ice and gets a weak shot off - he grabs his rebound and brings it behind the net.  4 Coyotes were almost even with the net and Bolland pushes it towards center.  Fraser picks it up, waits for a defender to drop and puts it in the back of the net.  Great shot of him sitting on the bench after scoring his first goal in the NHL.  Great play by Bolland

More back and forth.. Sharp takes a penalty.. it's killed.  Seabrook takes another penalty but Keith draws a hook seconds in... 4 on 4

Havlat and Toews get a two on one break - Havlat holds the puck as a second defender comes in to take away the pass to Toews.  Havlat passes back to Campbell.  Campbell fires a rocket that he picked up while watching Ovechkin up close, but not close enough, and puts the Hawks up by 3.

One minute left is announced and the UC stands up and cheers.. finaly there's something to cheer about.

Buff and Ladd were flying around hitting everyone.  Great to see, especially from Buff who needs to use his size more.  

No doubt Khabby should be the #1 goalie on this team right now.  He's looked solid in his first two starts and made some great saves to keep the Hawks in this one before they were able to pull away from the Yotes.  Whether he's playing to get off the team or playing to give a "fuck you" to the Hawks office it doesn't matter to us since he's the best option the team has to win and that's all any of us want.  I want him on the ice against the Blues.. 

Finally all three stars are Hawks

#3 - Fraser - 1 Goal, +2, first NHL goal
#2 - Havlat - 1 Goal, 1 Assist, +2
#1 - Khabby - 29 saves on 30 shots, stood on his head

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