Sunday, October 19, 2008

Game 6 Preview: Ca-schmucks at Hawks

I can't really explain what it is that's so detestable about the Canucks, but there's something. They look like they all watch "Friends" together, as do their fans. And despite their size, they pretty much play like the Hawks. But they've given the Hawks fits over the years, probably because when the Canucks discover a team they outsize by such a large margin, they actually grow some balls and play like they should. That, and Roberto Luongo. Never been able to solve him.

Anyway, Vancouver's off to a solid start, more so considering they've had just one home game. They've been scoring for fun, 19 in 5 games, though two games were played against the Flames. who have more leaks than the Boston PD in The Departed. But they've been horrific in their two losses, which have come against teams with speed like the Hawks, in the Caps and Sabres, so hopefully that's what we'll see tonight. Though Vancouver's blueline has a decent amount of size, it's not terribly mobile or imposing, so maybe our forwards can find some joy.

Be interesting to see how the Hawks bounce back after a tough loss, though last night's was an effort you can build on. They'll have to be better, and much so, on face-offs, as once again they got bent over a chair like a freshman girl pumped full of roofies in that category last night. For a team that is still suspect in its own zone, at least until Q sorts that out, and isn't big or strong enough to win board battles, starting without the puck is not a plan for victory. We'd like to see Huet start tonight and play real well, but I'd also like to see Marissa Miller in my living room. Who knows if I, or we, will?

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forklift said...

They're psychos. They named their goalie Captain.