Monday, October 6, 2008

Season Preview: If Love is Blind I Guess I'll PATRICK KANE

Our only #1 draft pick ever, and he made that season of shit earning that draft slot worth it. Quite frankly, I didn't expect much from Crazy 88 before last season. I had seen the juniors, but I looked at his size and age, and though a Phil Kessel-minus-cancer season was in store. He would have great games here and there, tantalize us with a move or pass every so often, but also be overwhelmed in his own zone, get physically pounded, and mostly struggle to find his place.

I knew I was wrong from Opening Night in Minnesota. Though we didn't bother to score, he was the best player on the ice wearing the Indian Head that night. His vision was in ample evidence, and he displayed the best pair of hands that I've ever seen on a Hawk. Though he went through a goal drought to start the season, he was piling up helpers like the apocalypse was coming. He rarely stopped all season, and even chipped in his share of big goals, topping with his tour de force in the dismantling of the Wings at home during the last week of the season.

But to expect more from Kane this season seems iffy. Sure, he's bulked up, will be stronger, knows the league better, and for God's sake will hopefully shoot more. But he will see the top pair from the opponents every night. Sophomore slumps strike all. Ideally, he'll balance this out with greater PP scoring, as 51 Phantom should open some more room on the blue line. We shall see...

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