Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Season Preview: Fuck it Dude, Let's go Bolland.

Thanks to Tallon's Fun With Numbers Plan, there's more pressure on Dave Bolland then there should be. He should comfortably be playing the 3rd line center, maybe even the 4th, and not counted on to produce scoring to help out the top two lines. But alas, with Sharp at center, Bolland will be expected to score, as well as be our most solid two-way behind Toews. The thing is, he's quite capable of this.

Bolland has always been a talent. He put up Kane-numbers in junior. He put up 50 points in his one season in Norfolk. He may be the fastest Hawk, and certainly the fastest forward. He's got a very good set of hands. He has a nasty streak, despite his size. People have undersold this guy, and he has the potential to be the breakout season on this team.

One problem. He's made of porcelain. He's missed significant time each of the past three seasons. That previously mentioned nasty streak tends to get people the size of a smurf hurt. And again, because of the Tallon Credit Crisis, the Hawks simply can't afford Bolland to get hurt. Yes, I just said the Hawks have a center who's played, count it, 40 NHL games, and he's irreplaceable right now. The Pride Is Back! ONE GOAL!

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