Friday, July 25, 2008

Ain't no cure for the summertime blues...

So the Hawks finally did it - they pulled off the trade we've all been waiting for. Pascal Pelletier will finally be putting on a Blackhawk sweater....

Well - maybe not.. Summer is boring for hockey news - The Pelletier for St. Pierre trade is really the only thing that has happened since the press conference.

Mike Haviland became an assistant coach, I guess that's kind of exciting too...

Oh, and the Winter Classic logo was released - I dig it..

The Cubs minor league team in Peoria, named the Chiefs, acted like they're from Charlestown and had a massive brawl yesterday.. Some schmuck tried to throw a ball into the other team's dugout.. missed and hit a fan who had to be taken to the hospital... nice

Sadly Ryno didn't get to play Reggie Dunlop since he wasn't at the game..

And I feel like this blog is official now, as Forklift pointed out in the comments for a previous post, I got a link from Stu Hackel over at a little paper called the New York Times - Thanks Stu!

More importantly though in terms of blogging - I also got my first negative comment in the same post from a Detroit fan - Adam (if that is his real name) proclaims that "everyone knows that people love cockmeat" - very profound. I won't be responding to douchebag comments like that always but thought it was nice to point out my first one.. kinda like how store owners frame the first dollar they make when they open.

So Adam - thank you for welcoming me.. and eat a bowl of dicks

Here's hoping something exciting happens soon..

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