Friday, July 11, 2008

Captains, Beatings and Hunchbacks..

Will Toews being wearing the C on his sweater next year? Probably.
"It's a natural fit," Savard said at rookie camp at the Edge in Bensenville. "Personally, when I sit down with the staff and my coaches, I know that I've got my mind made up. I don't care how young you are. He's that type of person that is going to be a great captain for us. But we'll see before I make a final decision."
I'd expect an announcement about that at the convention next weekend... At least the days of this jagoff are behind us.

For the record, Kyle Beach seems to deny beating a garbage collector with a baseball bat and he doesn't do drugs.. good to know. He is guilty of what the Sun-Times is calling "hunchback imitation" though, but honestly, aren't we all a little guilty of that on occasion?

Finally, it seems I'm not the only genius starting a hockey blog in the middle of July. Happy anniversary to Melt Your Face Off

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Forklift said...

Toews will make a fine Captain...I wouldn't be surprised if they announce it at the Convention next week.
(We'll have something on it Monday)