Saturday, July 26, 2008

Oh, and Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself

By the by, Matt has been gracious enough to let me help out here occasionally, and I hope I can bring some attitude and humor to this that my roadie-for-Tool good looks would indicate I can. (Yep, a mention of Tool after a Stones reference in the title. I got range, bitches!)

Little about myself, been a Hawk fan since I could stand, and stand I did in the old Stadium from the age of 8, which led me to nearly being thrown on the ice around 7 times. I'm a local comedian around town, hopefully I'll catch you at a show, God knows I could use the audience. Oh, and I will be reviving The Blue Line this season, The Fans' Program, and we hope to put some of our best stuff on this site too. So anyway, cheers, and Let's Go Hawks! (What a dorky fucking ending. So much for that attitude I was talking about....)

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Forklift said...

Look forward to seeing Blue Line come back. The Hawks' blogs can always use more awesomeness.