Friday, July 11, 2008

Scrimmage Recap

Listen to yesterday's scrimmage here - I only half listened to it because it's just not that exciting to listen to Troy Murray and John Wiedeman call play by play with a bunch of names I don't recognize for the most part but here are some highlights:

  • Evidently there were close 1,000 people watching the scrimmage. Last year when I went (on a holiday) there were probably only 50-75 people and that's when Kane and Toews were actually playing.
  • HawksQuarters (the only place you need to go for cheap plastic crap with an indian head on it!) is evidently open 365 days a year - who knew? Someone should at least give those poor bastards a day off on Thanksgiving or something
  • Smith scores again - that brings his total to four. He also gets an assist yet I don't read or hear much about him and his chances to make the team.
  • Mike Radja has 7 points (2 G, 5 A) and is looking for a contract
  • Aliu lost his cool and was looking for a fight but didn't get one but also got another point on the game winning goal
  • White finally wins a game coming back from being down 4-0 to win 5-4.
We also got our first two fights of the scrimmage. Brennan Turner vs. Richard Greenop and Dan Bertram vs. Joe Pleckaitis (who doesn't even get a bio page - good luck making the team kid). Bertram and Pleckaitis' fight wiped out a game tying goal by Igor Makarov - sucks to be him

Greenop (who was wearing Al Secord's number 20) scored twice and sent Turner to the locker room with a cut over his eye. Greenop will fight anyone - even if they're wearing a visor.

I don't really get why they decided to pick this game to do play by play. I would rather hear today's scrimmage since it'll be the last chance for the kids to make an impression and they'll play balls out. Although two fights and 9 goals with a big come from behind win is pretty exciting too.

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