Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A conversation with Mike Quigley's Office

After reading all the negative comments on the articles posted today - I felt it was my job to send Mike Quigley some love.. Here is an email I sent and a response from his office:

From: HereComeTheHawks

to commquigley
Dear Commissioner,

Here Come The Hawks is proud to call you our County Commissioner - even if I'm not totally sure what it is that you do and actually I don't think I live in your district either.. but that's besides the point.

I'd like to say we all appreciate your support of the Hawks, even if others don't really get that it's all in good fun. Detroit does indeed suck, only partly because they just can't seem to take a joke. Have you had much of a response to the resolution yet? Either pro or con? What exactly did the resoultion say? Is there a place to read it online?

Also, I have to try and since you're in politics - can you get me tickets to the outdoor game?

Hope to see you at a game - Go Hawks



to me

Hi Matthew-

Thanks for your email. People from Detroit are not reacting well to our resolution. It was all in good fun to get people excited about the game.

Unfortunately the Commissioner does not have any access to additional tickets. I think they are giving priority to season ticket holders at Wrigley and the Blackhawks if you know any season ticket holders.

Office of Cook County Commissioner Mike Quigley

Kimberly was also kind enough to copy the resolution in with the email too - The letters in the final line were all normal - so I just took a stab at seeing what they'd actually be..

WHEREAS, the Chicago Blackhawks have been a Chicago sports tradition since 1926; and
WHEREAS, the Chicago Blackhawks have won the Stanley Cup three times, in 1961, 1938, and 1934; and
WHEREAS, the Chicago Blackhawks played at the Coliseum from 1926-1929, the Chicago Stadium from 1929-1994 and currently plays at the United Center; and
WHEREAS, the National Hockey League has announced that New Year’s day 2009 will feature yet another installment of the epic and long time rivalry between two of the original six franchises of the National Hockey League – the Chicago Blackhawks and the Detroit Red Wings; and
WHEREAS, this game will be the NHL’s second Winter Classic and will take place at Wrigley Field; and
WHEREAS Wrigley Field, which opened in 1914, is the second-oldest major league baseball park; and
WHEREAS, the Friendly Confines is going to be covered in ice for this historical hockey game; and
WHEREAS, the game will be the third regular-season outdoor game in NHL history and harkens back to games of youth playing on frozen lakes and brings an excitement to the sport like none other; and
WHEREAS, the match up will be the 701st meeting between the Red Wings and the Blackhawks; and
WHEREAS, no NHL opponents have played more regular-season games against one another than the Red Wings and the Blackhawks; and
WHEREAS, the Blackhawks through a mixture of young talent and veteran savvy are bringing the roar back; and
WHEREAS, Chicago’s selection for this auspicious occasion further illustrates our city and county’s Olympic spirit.
NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that we, the Cook County Board of Commissioners, gathered here this 22nd day of July 2008, wishes the Chicago Blackhawks much success in this historic game; and
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that January 1 , 2009 shall be known as “Chicago Blackhawks Day” in Cook County; and
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Cook County Board of Commissioners have declared Wrigley Field and the surrounding neighborhoods to be an Octopus Free Zone; and
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that a suitable copy of the rEsoluTion be pResented tO the DetroIT red WingS, the Detroit City CoUncil, and the Chicago BlaCkhawKS.


Forklift said...

I sent him a comment as well.

Also, you might want to check this out.

Congratulation on making the NY Times.

Matthew K. said...

Fuckin A! I feel like I've actually made it... well.. kinda.

Congrats to you as well

Adam (Fuck Chicago) said...

How about Mike Quigley goes and sucks a big fat chicago cock, since everyone knows that people (especially blackhawk fans) love cockmeat. He should be hung from the rafters of Joe louis while the wings hang yet another Stanley cup banner, and burried with the remains of Tigers Stadium!

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