Thursday, July 10, 2008

Video games, scrimmages, and a scary injury

IGN has a preview of NHL '09 - I don't play many video games and the last NHL game I seriously played was the classic NHL '94 but this game looks pretty sick. If only I had a PS3...

Seabrook lays a hit in the preview

Decent article on Beach over at the Trib - I don't expect this guy to make the team this year but IceHogs Coach Haviland said not to count him out after seeing him in prospect camp.

Red beat White again - This time 5-4. Beach got his first assist, Aliu got his first goal and Smith lit the lamp again... if they even have a lamp there that is. The game was stopped early due to a neck injury to Simon Danis-Pepin. Danis-Pepin (who badly needs a nickname if he makes the NHL) is the tallest player in camp, and probably the entire hawks organization, at 6'7" hit the ice face first after a collision - sounds scary but it isn't expected to be serious.

Here's a quote from the team doc:

“Simon was involved in an inadvertent, high-energy collision yesterday and as a normal precautionary measure we brought him in to further examine the severity of his injury. All tests performed were negative and confirmed he suffered a strain and contusion to his neck. He was released from the hospital and will miss the remainder of the prospect camp but we expect him to be fully recovered soon.”

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