Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The wait is over

So the schedule still hasn't come out yet - I guess it's harder to make all these changes than they thought. I heard a rumor that there were some teams (the devils?) that were holding things up and they're going to be fined, but that's probably bullshit.

The NHL did finally announce at least one game, the biggest regular season game of the year. Wrigley field is now officially the site of this year's outdoor Winter Classic. Last year's game was, in short, tits.

What will 40,000 people chanting "Detroit Sucks" sound like?

This game will be epic.

No word on how to get tickets yet besides buying full season ticket plans - which I don't have and can't afford.

The hawks pretty much owned Detroit last year - I hope they can do it again.

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Forklift said...

Can't imagine why the Devils would hold anything up, they don't share their building with anyone.

FWIW, I've organized some group stuff in the past (even though, I know the Hawks aren't going to do group sales for this one).

I've done rooftop group outings at Brixen Ivy, and am waiting for them to set their price for 1/1/09.

But, yeah, I've got a feeling anyone who doesn't have a full season ticket plan is gonna get rogered.