Thursday, July 17, 2008

Schedule out

As I'm writing this, SportsCenter is doing that retarded "Title Town" segment and they're focusing on Detroit. Fuck that and Al Kaline. ESPN continues to have a hard-on for Three Doors Down...

MrMiller over at BHZ has put together a good looking schedule.. which is good since I have no idea how to do that

The Hawks don't get to take on the Wings til Oct. 25th so that means no great late game comebacks on opening night against the biggest rivals. We all should have known that after that game we were in for a big fucking year.

Hopefully seeing all three Calder candidates play in the same game will start us off with a big jump. Especially if the hawks shit all over them like they did on Tony O. night last year.

Campbell and Ovie are already well aquainted with each other

Hawks home opener is against the Preds.. I hear they have good portability value but other than that there isn't much to write about them

The season actually opens in NYC against the Rangers.. but since I don't get to make jokes about Avery and Jagr anymore I really couldn't give a shit about that team. The Rangers are opening the season with two games against Tampa Bay in Prague...

Home and Home series with the wings leading up to the big outdoor game then Nashville on the 10th and 11th of Jan.

Hockey Jesus brings the Pens in on Feb. 27th... if the Hawks can contine improving this could be huge for the NHL..

16 of the 26 games in Jan and Feb are on the road.. huge

15 of the last 21 games are at home.. 9 of those against the central... even bigger

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