Friday, July 18, 2008

Weekend plans

So with the schedule out I'm sure everyone has been looking it over.. figuring out which games you MUST go see live.. which games you'll have to come up with an excuse to get out of hanging out with your girlfriend so you can watch on TV and which games will be the hardest... whatever

Instead - what you should be doing is going over to On The Forecheck and checking out the NHL Super Schedules they have. Holy shit - this is a numbers geek wet dream. I've already copied out the Hawks schedule and saved it for future reference.

Interesting fact - EDIT: OK - I lied - The Hawks are actually travelling 38,557 miles... Calgary travels the second most.. The Hawks are 19th.. so i guess they're not that badass

The Islanders travel the least with only 28,126 - pussies.

So there's that.. there's the hawks convention.. there's the Dark Knight.. and there's the fact that I just bought a replacement sega so I can play NHL '94 again. It'll be a fucking miracle if I get laid this weekend..

In other stories..

There's a great article about Rocky over on the Sun Times... I can't believe that I'm looking forward to getting a chance to shake the hand of the owner of the Blackhawks...

It's odd to see really good writing about hockey in the Chicago paper.. they had this headline- Blues sign Wozniewski, and for a split second I thought they had just fucked up the spelling and somehow the Blues had signed Wisniewski. I wouldn't have put it past any mainstream coverage of hockey.. especially the hawks.

Mirtle wrote about this article too on his site.. and linked to this site.. fuckin a!

I'm a total fucking nerd for being excited about this... expect photos sometime this weekend... probably mostly of me just standing in line.


MetroGnome said...

Im glad the 'Hawks finally have some representation in the ol' blogsopshere.

Welcome aboard and good luck.

Forklift said...

I'll be there tomorrow. I'll be wearing a shirt pimping our site.

My partner is going to be at his in-laws, and my wife is coming along. She's taking one for the team.

Please make sure to say hello if you see me. I look forward to seeing you.

cynical joe said...

Where the hell 'ave you guys been?! Its been too long Chicago. Snap the chin strap on, put in the mouth protector and jump over the boards, and keep your head up!

The Forechecker said...

I do have an apology for you; in my article you linked above, I originally listed Chicago as the 2nd-longest traveling team this upcoming season, but it's actually Calgary. The numbers in the table are correct, I just had a brain cramp as I was typing up the piece.

Sorry about that...

The Forechecker said...

And don't worry, you didn't "lie" in your post; you were simply fed bogus information (that sounds like Colin Powell reflecting on that pre-war UN speech).