Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Blog Wars

Since this is a new blog, I'm stuck writing for a what's probably a very very small audience. Probably just a couple people from over at BHZ... if any. So what's a good way to get noticed? How about calling out a bigger (read:better) blog? Lets see how it works...

I am appalled that Barry Melrose Rocks has done absolutely NOTHING to wish our favorite former ESPN announcer a happy birthday. Maybe now that he's off coaching whoever Pittsburgh failed to re-sign they don't care about him as much, but don't get down Barry, some of us still love you. BMR - the real Barry Melrose is awaiting your apology.

Happy Birthday Barry

In slightly related news - there seems to be rumors that Barry might be coaching our own Brent Seabrook this season. Or that Seabrook might end up in Ottawa. I hope he goes no where and instead maybe give up Barker - which also seems like a big possibility.

Also - the Convention Schedule has been released - I'll be doing my best to not miss any parts of the convention but the highlights for me will definitely be the mini-1961 team reunion (Hull, Mikita, McDonald and Pilote), the Q&A with Hockey Operations and the panel of Hull, Mikita, Kane and Toews.


forklift said...

I'm bringing a voice recorder to the convention, so see if I can get enough stuff for a decent podcast.

Yeah, we're building an audience too. Fortunately for us, we're basically a spin-off from desipio.com and hirejimessian.com, two Cubs sites, so we've got a bit of built-in readership.

Still, we find ourselves pimping the site more than we really want to. If it's hot on Saturday, I'll actually wear my hockeenight T-shirt. It'll make me look pathetic, but maybe it'll boost readership.

Here Come The Hawks said...

I'll probably just be taking pictures at the convention - I'm too much of a fanboy to miss collecting some autographs.

Good luck whoring out your site - I'll be doing the same thing here