Thursday, July 31, 2008

What Bowman is...

Essentially, that's what he's going to be, the consultant to tell the owners who to keep and who to chuck. No one stirs up opinions of Hawks' fans, other than raised beer prices, like Dale Tallon. However, it was unclear who would know it was time to pull the trigger on Tallon, or keep him around. McDonough? Not a hockey guy. Rocky? He had the foresight to put Pulford out to pasture, but then again, the 4 year old who always has to wear a helmet living next door could have figured that one out. Bowman will give the Hawks a solid, very solid, hockey guy to look this organization up and down, with the reputation that anyone would have to respect his opinion. Now hopefully he'll inform us that there was a glitch that will relieve us of paying Khabibulin.

If we carry this Office Space metaphor out, clearly Toews is Peter, and I would guess Havlat and Lang to be Michael Bolton and Samir, with Wiz clearly as the redneck neighbor. Some would argue that Havlat is Jennifer Aniston's character, but from what I can tell she's much more physical.

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