Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A press conference with no news

Want to know when tickets go on sale? Want to know if you'll have to sell a kidney (or your kid) to afford them?

Yeah.. me too.

The press conference, or at least what I saw and read of it, didn't really announce much at all. They did give us this though.


Over at Icethetics they've got the design that the Hawks might be wearing on the ice. The idea for throwbacks for this game doesn't really make too much sense to me since both teams have mostly had the same sweater for their entire existence (and they're two of the greatest uniforms in all of sports). It's not like the Indian head was wearing a scarf at one point like the penguin. Anyway... here it is

I don't know of every sweater the hawks have worn.. but from what I've seen this looks like the only one where it's immediately noticeably different than the one they wear now.

Crawford signed an extension for another year.. When is something going to be done about the goalie situation? Trade someone (Khabby) to the someone (Kings) already..

Some company got hired to head the Hawks ad campaign too. Whatever they come up with has to be better than those "Martin Havlat is a Blackhawk... and very fast" ads that they had two years ago.. christ were those terrible..

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